Is the G-7 Model Free?

Our Models and participations are free for delegates. We offer the following :

1. Log into our website

2. Click on the Fully funded program and pay a general registration fee non-refundable of $299 (you can also choose other payments for Sponsorship on the G-7 payment page)

3. Click on live video

4. Record a 60 seconds video of yourself

5. The video must contain why you want to join the MODEL and what your community’s expectations of the Model.

6. The video as well must also list your community roles in recent times.

7. Click Submit

How about the selection Process?

1. After the deadline for registration, the team headed by the Head of G-7 Ambassadors and Head of Diplomacy will select the videos and the winning delegates will be awarded free conferences.

2 . Those whose attempts and videos were not accepted or didn’t meet the requirements will be offered a partially funded program

What is Fully Funded and Partially Funded?

1. When a delegate is offered a fully funded program, it covers his or her Flight round trip and accommodation excluding visa. A flight ticket Hotel Voucher and accommodation will be sent to the delegate emails. His or her breakfast or feeding throughout the conference will be provided by the Team.

2. A PARTIALLY FUNDED delegate will only receive a Hotel Voucher, Accommodation, and free feeding throughout his or her stay during the conference.

What happens if I'm not selected for a Fully Funded Model?

1. All applicants will be selected for either the FULLY FUNDED OR PARTIALLY FUNDED Model.

2. No applicant who pays the registration fee will be left out of selection.

How do I get selected for only the Funded Model and not the Partially Funded Model?

1. Record an idealistic video (60 secs)

2. Take your time and explain the community situation.

3. Submit before the deadline